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“In DRC, we are an experienced Law firm accompanying individual and companies in doing business with tailored legal counsel for the success of their business”.


Mr. Gaby Kabue is the Founder and Managing Partner of RightsEmpower Law Firm & Consultancy. He has proven expertise in electronic money, cryptocurrency, blockchain, banking & financial law. Mr. Kabue is also specialized in Telecommunications & TIC Law, Mining Law, Energy Law, Forestry Law and Climate Change / REDD + Process. In addition, he has proven experience on legal issues affecting investments in DRC and Africa.

Mr. Gaby Kabue proudly practices as a lawyer, successfully representing and advising a diverse range of clients. Several times he has been consulted by mining and telecommunications companies, international organizations such as the World Bank, Globe International, the United Nations Environment

Organization (UNEP), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to carry out legal studies of great interest and provide legal opinions on matters relating to Natural Resources and Investments in the DRC.

He worked extensively with various stakeholders involved in finance and investment issues.

Gaby Kabue | +243 82 784 4442 | gabyk@rigthtsempower.org

  • Practice areas Focus
    Mr. Gaby Kabue is potentially focusing his professional practice on legal issues raised by digital transformation in the sectors of Banking & Finance, Telcoms & ICT, investment and business industries. His expertise enables him to consistently provide legal services to Bankers and Telecoms investors, including:
    • Advising on risks management in electronic transactions;
    • Advising on the tax and legal implications for transfers of capital from one bank to another and from one country to another electronically;
    • Advising on money laundering and electronic banking;
    • Advising on legal actions to be taken in relation to cybercrime;
    • Advising on the problem of the theft of bank cards and data;
    • Advising and assisting our clients in the formalities of seeking funding and also in operations of granting credits to third parties
    • Advising on the conditions for opening accounts in foreign currencies
    • Providing general information on Telecoms & ICT laws and regulations;
    • Advising on the application, obtention and renewal of an operating license;
    • Accompanying operators to the supervisory authorities
    • Advising and drafting Terms and Conditions on gambling, lotteries, competitions and campaign activities;
    • Advising clients on IT security for infrastructure protection against vulnerabilities;
    • Advising on due diligence related to direct and indirect investments
    • Litigation
  • Professional Association and Membership
    • Bar Association of Kinshasa-Gombe
    • Member and National Focal Point RADE
    • Member of Global Power Shift (350.org)
  • Admission
    • Bar Association Kinhasa-Gombe (2013)
  • Education
    • University of Kinshasa (with Bachelor degree in Economic and Social Law, 2008)
    • ABC International, Johannesburg (Certificate in English advanced, 2016)
    • 360 Degree Leader, Johannesburg(Certificate in Leadership, 2016)
    • 350.org Istanbul (Certificate on initiating and organizing campaign on Climate Change)
    • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Kinshasa(GIRE « Integrated Water Resources Management, 2013)
    • WWF, Kinshasa (capacity building of NGOs on monitoring, environmental and social issues in extractive industries, 2013)
    • USAID, Kinshasa (Conception, administrative and financial management, monitoring and evaluation projects, 2013)


Mr. Didier Bakajika is Partner Associate of the RightsEmpower Law Firm & Consultancy. For several years of experience, is working extensively in the field of environment and natural resources (Mining, Energy, Hydrocarbons).

Mr.Didier Bakajika is expert in mining legal issues, advising a fuge range of extractive companies on the legal requirements of natural resources exploitation in the DRC. In his professional jurisdiction,

Mr. Didier Bakajika has proven expertise in the legal process of applying for and obtaining mining exploration and exploitation permits, renewal, renunciation and forfeiture. He advises companies on environmental and social obligations, in particular the implementation of Environmental Impact Studies (EIA), the Project Management Plan (PGP), and the Mitigation and Rehabilitation Plan (PAR). He advises and assists clients in the establishment and presentation of lists of movable property, mining equipment benefiting from the privileged regime before the competent national authorities. Mr.Didier Bakajika also advises oil companies on the legal conditions for applying for and obtaining authorizations, drafting production sharing contracts or block services contracts in the DRC. His experience in the corporate field allows him to advise the extractive companies on the taxes payable at the central and provincial level. Mr Didier Bakajika is author of several publications on environmental law.

Didier Bakajika | +243 82 41 55 048 | didierb@rightsempower.org

  • Practice areas Focus
    Mr. Didier Bakajika’s professional practice is based on the following services:
    • Advising on the legal requirements for research and mining, oil, …
    • Negotiation and drafting of contracts related to activities hydrocarbons and mining
    • Advising on the legal requirements on request and obtaining operating licenses in the energy
    • Taxation of oil companies, mining, …
  • Professional Association and Membership
    • Research Assistant at the University of Kinshasa
  • Education
    • University of Kinshasa (University of Kinshasa, Public International Law, and International Relations, 2009)
  • Language
    • French
    • English
    • Lingala
    • Tshiluba
    • Swahili


Mr.Papy Tshibala is a Partner Associate at the RightsEmpower Law Firm & Consultancy. He practices his profession with self-sacrifice and commitment by representing, defending and advising clients. Mr. Papy Tshibala has proven expertise in commercial law, real estate law, insurance law, tax and customs law. For several years he has focused his professional practice in company law and OHADA, which allowed him to comprehend the legal procedures relating to the fields mentioned above. He also demonstrates a proven experience in judicial law, which enables him to know the competence, organization and performance of the judiciary system in the DRC. Mr. Papy Tshibala has the knowledge and foresight to add significant value to the type of transactions clients are considering, whether by investing in a company or reviewing compensation structures to ensure they are tax-efficient. In addition, he advises a full range of individuals and investors, owners of large and small businesses on taxation of mining companies, hydrocarbons, forestry and real estate. He represents and accompanies companies in the administrative and judicial formalities before the authorities.

His expertise is combined with a commercial approach and reactive to all transactions. He understands the individual requirements of each situation, which allows him to offer pragmatic and practical advice, proven to the test of each question. His professional experience gives him the advantage of staying in touch with the constant changes of laws to provide the best possible results to our clients.

Papy Matthieu Tshibala | +243 815522118 | papyt@rightsempower.org

  • Practice areas Focus
    Mr. Papy Tshibala focuses his professional practice on the following law services :
    • Creation of commercial companies;
    • Real estate procedures
    • Labor law
    • Business Taxation
    • Insurance
    • Litigation before the courts and tribunals
  • Professional Association and Membership
    • Bar Association of Kinshasa-Matete
  • Admission
    • The University of Kinshasa (with Bachelor degree in Public International Law, 2005)
  • Language
    • French
    • Lingala
    • Tshiluba
    • Swahili

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