The DRC adopts two legal texts in the digital sector

On 4 April 2023, the National Assembly of the DR Congo ratified two Ordinances-law in the digital sector, namely:

- Ordinance-law No. 23/008 of 10 March 2023, authorizing the ratification by the DR Congo, of the African Union Convention on Security and Personal Data Protection also called “Malabo Convention” of 27 June 2014. The ratification of this convention constitutes a decisive step for the DRC in the digital sector and will enable the country to meet the security challenges that arise in the digital era.

- Ordinance-law No. 23/010 of 13 March 2023 on Digital Code. This new text constitutes a global legal framework regulating the digital sector. In particular, it defines the key concepts, institutional framework, legal regime of activities, data regime, regulation of electronic tools, offenses and regime of penalties pertaining digital matters.

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