Privacy Policy

Implementation: January 2018

RightsEmpower Law firm & Consultancy has established a privacy policy that governs how information is obtained, collected, used and disclosed on our website Rights Empower

By visiting our website, you consent and agree to all the practical rules defined in this policy.

Sources of information

The information published to the public through our website draw their sources in law, doctrine, jurisprudence, etc. They are also collected by our lawyers, experts, and consultants during their participation and interventions at workshops, conferences, training and seminars at an international, regional, national and local level on the topics of our professional practice.

Sharing data

RightsEmpower is a Law firm and Consultancy which works closely with international, regional, national and local law firms around the world. In this approach, we share information that we obtain about you, including personal information between our law firms which we are partnering with in order to respond to your concerns. In principle, the sharing of personal information with our members is done with the express permission of our clients and in compliance with legal texts.

Access to personal information

Everyone has the right to access the information published on the RightsEmpower website. However, when this information is harmful or prejudicial to others, the person is asked to contact our team in order to submit their complaint and settle amicably. In fact, we are opened to any suggestions and proposals that fit into the approach of improving the quality of the information we provide to the public place. We provide individuals with access to their personal information when we deem it appropriate, including in situations where you have the right to access and review your personal information under applicable data protection and privacy laws, private life.

Registration on the site

The public can visit the RightsEmpower website without any conditions and without telling us who you are. However, sometimes access to some sections requires the visitor to provide personal identifiable information including your name, company, e-mail address, phone number, address, and other personal details. This information is requested with the ultimate aim of collaborating with you and collecting your opinions and considerations that may serve us in the eventual publications.

Moreover, we would like to keep in touch with you in order to inform you about events that can be held around the world and that may offer the opportunity to meet us physically as well. Basically, we want to respond to your concerns or provide you with information that we consider to be interesting to you. We send registration emails on our website to receive the information; however, it offers you the opportunity to unsubscribe as well. In case that you received an unwanted email from our firm, you can send it back to us. The information we receive from you in this context is protected and never disclosed.

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