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We’re here to help you and your business to get to the next level, no matter small, medium or large is your company. We pride ourselves in our commitment to assisting our clients in a timeous and hands-on manner in the various aspects of legal and non-legal services we provide.

If you are looking for a young, modern, vibrant and energetic approach to Law, you don’t need to look any further. RightsEmpower is more than happy to assist. We are passionate about law and strive to provide the highest standard of legal services to all clients, using the most cost effective methods.



``RightsEmpower assisted us with the regulatory analysis for an important project related to the capital market of the DRC - the analysis was insightful, detailed and instrumental to the success of our work. I would definitely partner with the RightsEmpower team again in future!``


``Rightsempower's experts were responsive and quick to take appropriate action. They provided us with wise counsel and good guidance.``


``RightsEmpower assistance on local legal compliance was instrumental for our business to succeed``


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