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Water Resources Law

Water problems typically involve actors with diverse interests and difficult regulatory standards. Our Lawyers and RightsEmpower professionals provide legal solutions to complex customer Water issues.

In DRC, we are recognized as experienced and qualified Lawyers on legal issues related to Water resources.

In our practice, we have provided outstanding services to our clients who are investing in the Water sector.

We are also familiarized with the laws and regulations relating to Water resources. We advise and provide clients with legal information regarding the use of Water for industrial and domestic purposes.

RightsEmpower Lawyers have a broad knowledge in the sector with respect to distribution, regulation, use, commercialization and protection of water.

Through a unique combination of experience and legal knowledge, our Lawyers, Experts and Consultants bring creative solutions and a problem-solving mindset to a range of clients, including public and private investors, water public service players, industrialists, NPOs, project promoters, riverside communities and landowners who submit us a variety and complex water issues.

RightsEmpower’s practice in water resources covers the range of legal and policy areas, including compliance of authorizations and regulations, contracts, litigation and redress, mediation and negotiation, legislation, political advocacy, sustainable management of water.

RightsEmpower also advises clients on legal procedures for obtaining authorizations to sell water in the DRC. We advise and assist investors in legal and administrative formalities in front of the central, provincial and local authorities in DRC.