Tax & Customs Law

Tax & Customs Law

We advise several clients to overcome Tax and Customs issues. Rightsempower Lawyers work directly with each client to assess the root of the tax and customs issue to provide customized legal solutions that solve their daily problems.

Our expertise in Tax and Customs enables us to provide pragmatic legal advices to our clients, to protect their business interests and help them achieve their goals in the most efficient way from a Tax and Customs perspective.

We advise clients on a variety of legal issues including tax rate, nature, taxation period and administrative and judicial recovery measures.

We also assist our clients on the procedures for the payment of fiscal and parafiscal taxes due to central, provincial and national, local and decentralized territorial entities in Congo.

Our professional practice is based on:

  • Taxation of commercial companies;
  • Forestry taxation;
  • Customs taxation;
  • Taxation of banks;
  • Mining Taxation