Natural resources

Natural Resources

Africa continent is recognized across the globe for its immense and widespread Natural Resources in almost all countries.

This wide wealth attracts particularly the attention of regional and international investors for several types of exploitation. In Congo, Natural Resources is an area that makes a significant contribution to the national economy and is likely to shift the country towards unprecedented economic development.

Our Law Firm RightsEmpower has got Lawyers with an irrefutable unique and legal experience in the field of Natural Resources especially:

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Mines
  • Agriculture
  • Forests
  • Water resources
  • Environment
  • etc…

Our legal practice has enabled us to deepen our knowledge on legislation and sectoral policies of the States of sub region.

Our National and Local Lawyers, Experts and Consultants are vigilant and sensitive to legislative changes, national policy documents, programs and projects on Natural Resources in the DRC and in the sub region.