Mining Law

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RightsEmpower is a leading Law firm with extensive knowledge and experience in Mining Law and Careers in DRC, Africa and around the world. We have demonstrated our footprint by successfully advising and assisting a full range of public and private investors in mining.

Our Lawyers, Experts, and Consultants have in-depth knowledge of the mining code and regulations, which enabled them to work closely and effectively with experts from the ministry of mines, the civil society, international organizations, local communities and indigenous people through workshops and conferences on the revision of the mining code in DRC.

In this approach, we have carried out studies, reports, and missions to raise awareness on the issues of mining governance in Congo. Our expertise in Mining Law has expanded in the knowledge of the mining laws of African countries and sub-regional.

In our business, we advise mining companies on regulations requirements and legal procedures from prospecting stage to operating permits obtention, environmental and social impact assessment requirements, payment of mining taxes and royalties. We also provide legal advice on all matters relating to mining, joint ventures and legal requirements regarding the community development plan of local communities.

  • Advising on legal requirements and financial local market

  • Advising on drafting contracts for short, medium and long term loans and letters of intent

  • Advising on fiduciary activities, securitizations, payments systems, electronic banking, data security

  • Advising on demanding and obtaining Approvals from the Central bank

  • Advising on legal requirements on freezing assets

  • Advising on legal requirements relating to professional secret

  • Advising and assisting clients to respond to coercive measures

  • Advising on bankruptcy, dissolution and liquidation process

  • Advising on bank accounts creation on national and international scale

  • Advising banks on the categories of taxes due to public treasure

  • Advising and updating clients on changes of the laws and policies related to the banking and financial sector

  • Representing our clients to the general assembly of shareholders

  • Advising banks on the courteous arrangements with their clients and workers

  • Assisting and representing banking in front of courts and tribunals