Organisations Non-Gouvernementales

We have an experimented team including lawyers and experts, which is deeply committed to respond to the legal needs of Nonprofit Organizations. RightsEmpower Law firm&Consultancy brings unrivaled expertise and experience to the issues of international, national and local nonprofit organizations.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, nonprofit organizations are undeniable and relevant actors in the development of several sectors. It’s also one of the inevitable stakeholders in the process that requires a participatory and inclusive approach. Its number is growing day-to-day because of the crucial role played in the social, economic, environmental, and political in the country. In any case, the operating of nonprofit organizations activities are governed by the Constitution as well as the Law n ° 004-2001 of July 20th 2001 on  general provisions applicable to the nonprofit organizations and the establishments of public utility.

For several decades RightsEmpower provides nonprofit organizations across the country with a full spectrum of legal services, including:

  • Provide information on the general conditions related to the creation and carrying out activities in the DRC;

  • Acquisition of the authorizations required for the deployment of activities;

  • Drafting of the statutes;

  • Structuring, organization and functioning of organs;

  • Obtaining the favorable opinion from the ministry;

  • Obtaining legal personality;

  • Obtaining the presidential authorization to operate activities

  • Advising on the registration and prior approval procedure;

  • Advising on the signing procedure related to the approval;

  • Obtaining the ministerial order;

  • Advising on nonprofit organization taxation (exemptions);

  • Accompanying in administrative procedures before the authorities;

  • Assessment of compliance with local laws applicable to international, national and local nonprofit organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our team of lawyers and experts specialized in nonprofit organizations is familiar with the legislation in matter to respond to clients’ concerns about the daily operational issues confronted by nonprofit organizations involved in business such as:

  • Forests
  • Water resources
  • Mining
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Nature conservation
  • Health
  • Gender
  • Women and children
  • Refugees
  • Etc

Our team is committed to help the nonprofit organizations to avoid risk, protect its reputation and solve its problems so quickly and quietly. We provide efficient and consistent legal services, personal attention and fast turnaround day by day lawyers dedicated to resolving legal issues affecting their business. Our firm provides nonprofit organizations across the country with a full range of legal services.