“Infrastructure plays a key role in the structural transformation of economies in Africa and across the world. It links different sectors and gives coherence to the production system while enabling a better distribution of wealth between different regions in the country. It’s seen as a backbone of the economic fabric that requires strategies to ensure its development.”

The perspective of investing in basic economic infrastructure such as Transport, Electric power, Telecommunications and Real estate is a major challenge for the economic development in DRC, in Africa and in the world. The lack of infrastructure in Africa leads to lower production and service costs and lower business competitiveness. This deficit has led some African countries to develop new business climate strategies, including improving legal and regulatory conditions and other legal instruments at national, regional and sub-regional levels to attract public and private investors through the continent.

In this vast infrastructure market, our lawyers have invested considerable time in understanding and familiarizing themselves with legal and regulatory instruments at the national, regional and sub-regional levels. They attend and contribute actively to the discussions on the financing and implementation mechanisms of infrastructure projects at the African and global level.

They work hard in this area of infrastructure which requires a careful mindset to offer our clients legal solutions that meet the full range of daily needs of Telecommunications and IT, Transport, Construction and Real Estate, Electrical Energy. We bring to our clients our expertise to our clients for several years of success in this area marked by technological advances as well as the legislative evolution of large scale.