Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Our multi-decade environmental practice is to bring a deep understanding of environmental requirements and provide sophisticated and practical legal advice on Environmental Law to a wide range of clients in DRC, Africa and around the world.

RightsEmpower acknowledges that the environmental sector becomes definitely an integral part of business decision making, understanding the connection between the business world and the environment is more critical than ever.

Our meaningful experience in this field aims to help our clients to manage responsibly environmental issues with a view of doing business in healthy environment and avoid crisis situations.

Our lawyers are always in the front lines of emerging environmental issues, advising and defending our clients’ interests in their businesses.

For many years we have intensively and globally analysed and contributed on legal and environmental issues relating to Mining, Forest, Hydrocarbon, Energy, Transport and Land sector, and our Lawyers are experienced to deal with appropriate legislation and regulation to these sectors in DRC.

Our legal services are provided on following issues:

  • Advising on legal requirements related to the environmental and social impact assessment, accompanied by its management plan, duly approved;
  • Advising on legal requirements on a wide range of environmental risks, waste management and fight against pollution;
  • Advising on legal and administrative requirements relating to industrial, commercial or agricultural facilities whose exploiting presents risks to health and environent, safety and public health;
  • Advising on imperative requirements relating to the implementation of environmental and social projects;
  • Advising on the legal requirements related to expropriation, delocalization and compensation of local communities affected by public or private investment projects;
  • Representing and assisting our clients on legal and administrative formalities before central, provincial and local authorities;
  • Advising on environmental audit;
  • Advising on tax payment;
  • Litigation