Climate Change/REDD+ process

climate-change & REDD+

Climate Change/REDD+ process

Our market-leading climate practice allows us to provide advice on Climate Change related issues and REDD+ process, including the legal and institutional framework for REDD+ implementation, low-carbon investments and adaptation strategies and mitigating the effects of Climate Change. RightsEmpower helps clients to identify risks and opportunities in the market.

Climate change is actually a worrying area in the world that requires multidimensional expertise to provide to businesses.

It is in this framework of the REDD+ process that our experienced Lawyers do offer an extensive experience to government ministries, development partners, investors facing the legal issues on Climate Change/REDD+ process in DRC including the legal nature of carbon credit.

Our clients rely on us for strategic policy advice on the challenges and opportunities presented by Climate Change/REDD+, including multidimensional advice that addresses legal and public policy issues.

RightsEmpower’s Lawyers with experience in Climate Change and REDD+ process in Congo are actively collaborating in the process from the preparation to the implementation phase. We have worked closely with the Interdepartmental Committees and the REDD National Coordination in the DRC.

Our Lawyers are also well-equipped and have a wide knowledge related to international conventions on climate change as well as the laws and regulations relating to Climate Change and REDD+ in DRC.

We advise clients on entire issues related to REDD+, including:

  • Advising on legal nature of carbon credit in the market;
  • Advising and analysing the sale process of carbon credit;
  • Advising on local community’s rights affected by REDD+ projects;
  • Advising and accompanying client for legal and administrative formalities;
  • Advising on Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV);
  • Advising on manual of procedures of REDD+;
  • Advising on Public participation and sharing benefits from REDD+;
  • Litigation