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RightsEmpower at the bedside of Congolese women to defend their rights


International women’s day is celebrated this year under the theme “women in leadership: achieving an equal future in covid-19 world”, while the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has chosen to reflect on the theme: ” Women in excellence leadership: an equal and digital society in era of Covid-19”. indeed, women have the right to equal future free from all forms of discrimination, injustice, violence and stereotypes; they have the right to a bright future with the same opportunities as their men compatriots throughout the world, because they have potential and skills in the same way as men.Read the rest

Cryptocurrencies: regulatory mapping in the Europe, America and DR Congo


The appearance of cryptocurrencies is the subject of several issues for many years. The most often issues raised by these instruments including technological, political, economic, monetary, financial, and legal.

Less than 10 years after their emergence, they have emerged from the shadows, sparking great interest from companies and individuals, as well as Central banks and other authorities.… Read the rest

COVID-19: popular use of electronic and scriptural money in the global health crisis


Practically all countries in the world are struck by the unprecedented global health crisis: COVID-19. The virus has a fatality rate estimated between 2% and 3%.

It originated in China, precisely in Wuhan City, considered as the birthplace of the pandemic.  In the DRC, according to the latest INRB statistics published on 22 June 2020, COVID-19 has already contaminated 6027 people and caused 135 deaths across the country.… Read the rest

Personal data protection:  | United Nations, European Union, and DR Congo

Personal data protection: legal framework review of the United Nations, European Union, and DR Congo


Personal data protection is at the heart of contemporary, economic, political, and legal issues and debates. It is the subject of numerous discussions that mobilize a great diversity of institutional and private actors, as well as civil society.

Indeed, thanks to the exponential development of the Internet and new technologies, every minute data floats in cyberspace, from the sanctuary of mankind, where more than 5 billion smartphones 2 in circulation today, and several items connected.

Read the rest

Administrative and Jurisdictional Remedies in Industrial Property Field

Administrative and jurisdictional remedies in the industrial property field: a comparative study between the Congolese system and Bangui Agreement


It’s said: “A right has no value that only in case there exist remedy to exercise it”. “Ubi jus ibi remedium” is a Latin maxim which means “where there is a right there is a remedy”. (Civil remedies for copyright infringement, Laurent Carrière, Lawyer for Robic Law firm).… Read the rest

General economy of the Law on Payment and securities-settlement system


In the second semester of 2018, the financial sector of the Democratic Republic of Congo experiments the new Law No 18/019 of July 09, 2018, relating to payment and securities settlement systems.

The law contains 139 articles grouped into 8 titles. It intervenes in a market characterized by the deployment of new payment infrastructures (Automated Teller Machines) as well as the explosion of new payment instruments including payment cards, e-wallet, etc.… Read the rest