Exchange Regulations

Exchange Regulations

“Overcoming the risks that can occur in the foreign exchange market, Banks and Financial Institutions needs a piece of experienced legal advice. RightsEmpower is a Law Firm with great expertise to provide legal assistance to its clients to manage Risks and navigate the paths to growth and development”.

The DRC has an exchange rate regulation as an instrument for regulating economic and financial life in relation to the holding of domestic and foreign currency, the movement of capital, current transfer, exchange rate, and change market.

We are Lawyers who have in-depth knowledge to provide strategic, pragmatic counsel to wide range of clients who operate in the exchange market including companies, fund managers, monetary regulators, banks, brokers and individuals.

Our legal advice is extensive and comprehensive in this field, including:

  • Advising and providing general information on the foreign exchange market;
  • Advising on the holding of foreign currencies in the DRC;
  • Advising on the execution of transactions denominated in foreign currencies and the provision of services in the national territory;
  • Advising and assisting client on declarations of import and export of goods;
  • Advising on the conditions for opening accounts in foreign currencies.