Banking & Finance


Banking & Finance

In Africa, Banking and Finance industries have experienced a significant emersion over the last two decades, which has led to strengthen competitiveness and attractiveness economic and financial market, particularly in the countries of Central (BEAC) and West Africa (BCEAO, UMOA).

The technology revolution has prompted Banks, Financial Institutions, and Credit Institutions to develop innovative strategies focused on ICT-related supports, which has made the African continent inexorably become a potential financial market for public and private investors.

Banking and finances are fragile sectors and are often exposed to bankruptcy; this has conducted the public intervention to regulate the financial market in order to coordinate actions and obtain a correct and regular operation.

In fact, like the Western countries, most of African governments have adopted the laws to coordinate monetary policies that can ensure order in the financial system.

Our team of highly experienced Lawyers and experts in Banking and Finance have figured out the regulatory frameworks, monetary policies as well as technological implications to provide our clients with tailored and bespoke legal advice in the following sectors:

  • Banking Law
  • Electronic Banking
  • Exchange regulations
  • Finance